No reason to beat around the bush here. The 11-23 Royals straight-up embarrassed Dylan Bundy and the hapless Orioles in the first inning on Tuesday night. It was 10-0 before the bloodbath concluded. And, again, it was only the first inning. The Royals sent 14 hitters to the plate. 

The play-by-play: 

  • D. Bundy Pitching
  • J. Jay: Ball, Strike looking, Jay reached on an infield single to shortstop
  • J. Soler: Ball, Foul, Soler homered to left center, Jay scored
  • M. Moustakas: Ball, Foul, Foul, Foul, Ball, Ball, Moustakas homered to right
  • S. Perez: Ball, Perez homered to center
  • L. Duda: Ball, Ball, Ball, Ball, Duda walked
  • W. Merrifield: Ball, Strike looking, Foul, Ball, Ball, Ball, Merrifield walked, Duda to second
  • A. Gordon: Ball, Foul, Gordon homered to right center, Duda and Merrifield scored
  • Mike Wright relieved Dylan Bundy
  • A. Escobar: Strike looking, Escobar singled to center
  • R. Goins: Ball, Goins lined out to center
  • J. Jay: Strike looking, Ball, Ball, Foul, Ball, Jay singled to left, Escobar to second
  • J. Soler: Strike looking, Strike looking, Soler singled to shallow right, Escobar to third, Jay to second
  • M. Moustakas: Ball, Strike looking, Foul, Moustakas singled to deep right, Escobar and Jay scored, Soler to third
  • S. Perez: Strike looking, Ball, Perez hit sacrifice fly to left, Soler scored
  • L. Duda: Ball, Strike looking, Duda grounded out to second

The visuals: 

Jorge Soler, Mike Moustakas and Salvador Perez went back-to-back-to-back to run the lead to 4-0 through four hitters. After two walks and an Alex Gordon three-run homer, Orioles starter Dylan Bundy had allowed seven earned runs in seven hitters without recording an out. He was mercifully removed from the game. 

Only 19 other times in MLB history did a starting pitcher allow at least seven earned runs without recording an out. Only twice did a pitcher allow more (eight is the record and here's the play index page).

More dubiousness: 

The Orioles came into the game at 8-26, the worst record in the AL. They had only won three of their previous 21 games and brought in a six-game losing streak. 

To sum things up, this season has been a disaster, and Tuesday's first inning was likely rock bottom.