On Tuesday, the Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds were entangled in another benches-clearing brawl. This one stemmed in part from Pirates reliever Keone Kela throwing over Derek Dietrich's head, and later Reds reliever Amir Garrett charging the Pittsburgh dugout.

Predictably, Major League Baseball handed out some stiff suspensions on Thursday, with Kela receiving 10 games, Garrett eight, and Cincy manager David Bell being parked for six. Those weren't the only suspensions -- rather, MLB issued eight in total, including a three-gamer for Yasiel Puig, who was traded to Cleveland right around the time the brawl broke out.

Here's MLB's full statement on the matter:

Eight individuals have received suspensions for their roles in the bench-clearing incident and other events between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Cincinnati Reds during Tuesday night's game at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati. Joe Torre, Chief Baseball Officer for Major League Baseball, made the announcement.

  • Pirates pitcher Keone Kela has received a 10-game suspension for intentionally throwing a pitch in the area of the head of Derek Dietrich of the Reds in the bottom of the seventh inning and for his role in instigating the bench-clearing incident.
  • Reds pitcher Amir Garrett has received an eight-game suspension for inciting the bench-clearing incident by running to the area outside the Pirates' dugout and throwing a punch in the top of the ninth inning.
  • Pirates infielder José Osuna has received a five-game suspension for his aggressive and inappropriate actions during the ninth inning incident.
  • Reds pitcher Jared Hughes has received a three-game suspension for intentionally throwing a pitch at Starling Marte of the Pirates in the top of the ninth inning.
  • Pirates pitcher Kyle Crick has received a three-game suspension for his inappropriate actions during the ninth inning incident.
  • Cleveland Indians outfielder Yasiel Puig, who was then a member of the Reds, has received a three-game suspension for his aggressive actions during the ninth inning incident.
  • Reds manager David Bell has received a six-game suspension for returning to the field following his ejection; escalating the incident with his aggressive actions; his Club's intentional pitch at Marte; and his numerous ejections this season.
  • Pirates manager Clint Hurdle has received a two-game suspension for his Club's conduct during the incident and his Club's multiple intentional pitches thrown at Dietrich this season.  

"The incidents between these two Clubs remain a source of concern, and it's reflected by the level of discipline we are handing down today," Torre said in a statement. "Everyone on the field should be aware of the example they are setting for fans, particularly young people. I firmly expect these two managers and all others to hold their players accountable for appropriate conduct and to guide them in the right direction."

Every one of the players has appealed, meaning their suspensions will be delayed until a hearing is held. For those who didn't see the brawl, here's a look:

Garrett, for his part, apologized afterward. Kela, meanwhile, admitted his pitch to Dietrich had a purpose. 

What purpose? Evidently avenging the perceived slight of Dietrich admiring the home runs he hit against the Pirates in April -- yes, April. The Pirates had already thrown at Dietrich back then, stirring a benches-clearing incident that saw Kela, Puig, and Garrett ejected from the game for their actions. Here's a look:

Kela's suspension equals the one handed to Ian Kennedy in 2013 after he intentionally threw at Zack Greinke. In a sense, it's a heftier punishment, since Kennedy was a starter and Kela is a reliever.