These days with the juiced ball and added emphasis on launch angle, every single season is the year of the home run. This year is no different. Records are falling and will continue to fall. The Orioles are going to end up with the most home runs ever allowed in one season, it's only a matter of by how much they shatter the record. 

Whit Merrifield of the Royals homered against the Orioles on Wednesday night: 

That was the 258th home run the Orioles have coughed up this season, tying the all-time record. 

Here are the top five seasons ever in terms of teams allowing homers: 

  1. 2019 Orioles, 258
    2016 Reds, 258
  2. 2017 Reds, 248
  3. 2017 Orioles, 242
    2017 White Sox, 242

The rebuilding O's have seen 33 different pitchers give up at least one home run this year, with four pitchers giving up at least 20 and nine total having allowed at least 10. It's pretty remarkable how much they've gotten beaten up on a consistent basis. 

Stay tuned. This record is gonna fall soon. They still have 34 games to play and I feel pretty safe in saying they'll allow at least one more this season.