Monday afternoon in Cincinnati, the Dodgers demolished the Reds (LAD 18, CIN 9) in their series finale. The two teams split their four-game series.

As you might expect with a score that lopsided, a position player did indeed pitch in the game. Reds reserve outfielder Tyler Holt drew the short straw and wound up on the mound. He needed only five pitches to throw a scoreless inning. Check it out:

Holt is 22nd position player to pitch in a game this season. Three of them (Christian Bethancourt, Drew Butera, Erik Kratz) pitched in two games. Chris Gimenez actually threw two innings in his appearance. Crazy.

Outfielder Tyler Holt threw a scoreless inning on Monday. USATSI

Collectively, position players have been better pitchers than you may realize this season. Don't get me wrong, they're bad, but they haven't been a total disaster. Here are the numbers:

That's in 23 2/3 total innings. Pitchers have even recorded five strikeouts too. For the record, a whopping 78 pitchers -- actual MLB pitchers -- have thrown at least 23 2/3 innings this season with an ERA higher than 5.32, including big names like Jered Weaver and Matt Cain.

I've had hitters tell me it's not fun to hit against a position player. For starters, they often lack control. Secondly, it's a no-win situation. If you get a hit, it's because you're supposed to get a hit against a position player. If you make an out, it's embarrassing. Collectively, position players have been a half-decent mop-up man in 2016.