By now you probably have heard about the Houston Astros electronic sign-stealing scandal. If you haven't, you've probably seen reactions, memes, jokes and very angry MLB fans venting about the situation on social media. For those who do not have a grasp on the drama, I'm here to catch you up. 

In short, The Athletic published a story detailing accusations from former Astros pitcher Mike Fiers and three other former players that the Astros stole signs electronically during their 2017 World Series champion season.

That year they beat the New York Yankees in seven games in the ALCS and the Los Angeles Dodgers in seven games to become world champs. Players from both of those teams and others around the league have already voiced their opinions on social media on the topic. 

The main allegations are that the team placed a camera in center field at Minute Maid Park and in real time would alert their hitters to what pitches were coming their way using loud noises, including banging on trash cans. MLB and the Astros are currently investigating the situation.

Now that all the facts, details and serious information is taken care of, let's look at reactions from a place that is not always known for being serious: Twitter. Baseball fans from all over have taken to the website to react, and of course joke, about the cheating allegations.

Here are some of the best tweets:

The Astros hitters NEED more cowbell if a changeup is coming.

Does one loud yell mean a fastball is coming? Asking for an Astros hitter. 

Slam the trash can once for an off-speed pitch. Everybody knows that, c'mon.

With the Astros now being accused of cheating in other seasons from other players -- ones where they did not win the World Series -- some fans are out here asking the real questions. 

Of course the Patriots are somehow getting dragged into this. Pats fans and Astros fans, look away... but for everyone else, laugh away.

Don't you hate it when as an MLB pitcher you catch the other team stealing your signs? Something many of us reading this I am sure can relate to.

Ah, the beauty of things never going away on the internet. Beautiful that is, unless you are the Astros social media manager and you see this three-year old tweet resurface. 

These days, you can't even trust your own mascot to keep a secret.

The unsuspecting MVP for the 2017 Astros season goes to... the trash cans!


"The Office" videos are always relevant, no matter the situation. 

When the MLB releases their findings of the sign-stealing allegations there will be a second flood of reactions, no doubt. Until then, enjoy these gems.