Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz put on the fight of the year at UFC 202 with McGregor walking out victorious and evening the series at one win each. Unfortunately for McGregor, the win came at a cost.

McGregor is listed on the Nevada State Athletic Commissions injury suspension list with a "foot/ankle fracture" and must be cleared by an orthopedic doctor in order to fight again before Feb. 17, 2017. He will serve a minimum suspension of two months with the earliest he can return being Oct. 20, even if cleared by a doctor.

McGregor unleashed heavy leg kicks to Diaz's lead leg to weaken the bigger fighter and slow his advancement forward, and that may have taken its toll on the Irish star's left foot. The strategy worked to an extent as Diaz was clearly bothered by the hard leg kicks; however, being Nate Diaz, he was not deterred from marching forward and trying to apply pressure to McGregor.

According to, the suspension might not have much impact on the Irish star as he may get cleared of having any significant injury. McGregor indicated that his injury was a sore shin, but not a serious issue and that he is otherwise healthy. McGregor's coach John Kavanaugh also noted on the MMA Hour that McGregor's injury was a pre-existing issue and not something new that he sustained in the fight.

Diaz, for all the abuse he took, has been handed an injury suspension of one month for a severe cut above his left eye. Diaz cannot take contact until Sept. 11 nor fight until Sept. 20, though that's merely a formality as he was not going to return before then anyway.