CM Punk's UFC debut lasted just 2 minutes and 45 seconds before he was submitted by Mickey Gall by way of a rear-naked choke.

Gall took down Punk in the opening seconds of the fight with a double-leg takedown and had the former WWE superstar on the ground for the entirety of the bout before it ended, mixing some vicious ground and pound in with extremely tight Brazilian jiu-jitsu skills.

Punk ran out too aggressively in the beginning with his hands up, not looking for the takedown and Gall was able to shoot clean and get him to the ground. Punk showed some decent defense to avoid getting knocked out by the ground and pound and avoided a few early submission attempts, but eventually, with Gall having taken his back, he was unable to fend him off.

For what this fight was, which was an exhibition, Gall looked fantastic. He did what he was supposed to, which was dominate the inexperienced Punk on the ground and earn a win.

"This may seem like a gimmicky fight," said Gall. "This is no gimmick, I'm not going [expletive] anywhere."

Now, he's turning his attention to another young star in UFC, Sage Northcutt. Gall called out UFC's young phenom, saying he doesn't want protection as a young rising star and that UFC should let them go to war with each other.

As for Punk, he was gracious in defeat, talking with Gall in the Octagon after the loss and then walking around raising Gall's hand. He responded to critics after the fight, and said he won't give up or stop in his quest as a fighter.

"Obviously Mickey's a hell of a fighter. I know there's a lot of doubters, but life's about falling down and getting up. It's not about the times you get knocked down, it's about the times you get up," Punk said. "So if there's any kid out there that's told by a parent or a coach or a teacher or someone who is supposed to push them and says no, don't listen to them. Believe in yourself. Sometimes the outcome isn't what you desire it to be. I know it sounds preachy and kinda weird for a guy that just got beat up, but [expletive] it. This is the time of my life."

After that performance there's clearly a massive gap between Punk and UFC quality fighters, so it will be interesting to see how they handle his future.