That escalated quickly. Conor McGregor was late to Wednesday's press conference for UFC 202, but made quite the entrance after he showed up. Claiming he thought the presser started at 1:30, McGregor strutted in, making his presence felt.

However, his opponent, Nate Diaz, was fed up with McGregor's talking. After McGregor answered a question, Diaz got up from the stage, walked off with his crew and many curses and expletives followed.

As Diaz walked off talking, McGregor replied "Shut your [expletive] mouth, you'll do nothing."

Diaz did not like that very much and tossed a water bottle toward the stage.

Then all hell broke loose.

My favorite part of all of this is Dana White pleading, "Conor, don't throw those cans. Conor. Conor!"

He was in range to grab him and stop him from throwing the cans.

But yes, after Diaz and his crew started throwing things at the stage, McGregor was looking for any and everything to throw back, including the energy drink cans that sponsor the UFC.

Former women's MMA fighter Gina Carano summed it up pretty well.

White ends the press conference succinctly with "that's a wrap, we'll see you Saturday."

Is it Saturday yet?