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Team USA had a painful showing at the FIBA Basketball World Cup this summer, falling to Canada in the bronze-medal game after also losing to Germany in the semifinals. The U.S. roster is potentially getting a massive upgrade for the 2024 Paris Olympics, however.

Although it's still a year away, the Olympic Games were a big topic of conversation during NBA media days on Monday. LeBron James has reportedly been taking charge and recruiting top stars, and while no official roster is out yet, there's a lot of buzz about the U.S. having a potential super team.

Here's what some of the NBA's biggest stars had to say about their commitment to Team USA:  

LeBron isn't worried about the Olympics' physical toll

James is entering his 21st NBA season but still has a lot of gas in the tank. The Lakers star said that based on the players who could be on the Team USA roster, he feels playing at the Olympics wouldn't be out of the question from a physical standpoint.

"I don't think it would be too much of a physical toll. I wouldn't have to do much," the 38-year-old said. "Rebound a little bit. Pass a little bit. Defend. Block some shots."

Steph Curry wants to add the Olympic experience to his resume 

Warriors star Steph Curry has won two gold medals with Team USA, but this would be his first time playing in the Olympics. It's an opportunity he doesn't want to miss. 

"I talked to some people about the opportunity, and definitely if all things stay the same I wanna be playing," Curry said. "It's the one thing I haven't done… I definitely want to be there. I definitely want to be on the team."

Kevin Durant confirms he'll play for Team USA

In a very confident manner, Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant confirmed he is ready to play for Team USA. 

"I will play in the Olympics next year," he said.

Kawhi Leonard to join Durant and Co. in Paris 

Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard said he wanted to play for Team USA this summer but had prior commitments. However, he is ready to say yes if he gets asked to join the team in Paris.

Joel Embiid to make his decision 'in the next few days' 

The reigning NBA MVP can choose between playing for Cameroon, France and the U.S. He has still not made up his mind, but an answer is coming "in the next few days." France has set an Oct. 10 deadline for Embiid to decide whether he's joining that roster. 

"I love all three options," Embiid said. "Cameroon, I'm born there. I'm from there. I always want to represent my country, but the goal is also to play in the Olympics. If we had a chance or if we would qualify for the Olympics, that would be an easy decision, but that's still up in the air and I really do want to play in the Olympics.

"The U.S., obviously they've been struggling the last couple of years trying to get back on the top. You also got France, that's up and coming. I'm just thankful that I'm able to be in that situation. It is a tough choice, but probably going to make that decision in the next few days."

Anthony Davis is waiting for an invitation to Paris 

Lakers big man Anthony Davis told reporters he has "no idea" whether he'll play for Team USA yet. In a later interview with Spectrum SportsNet, however, Davis clarified that he already knew what he wanted to do, but was just waiting to be invited.

"I'm in, just waiting on them to ask," Davis said.

Paul George to see how the NBA season goes before making his decision 

Clippers swingman Paul George said his Olympic decision will be based on how the upcoming season with the Clippers goes, along with his health.

Playing for Team USA would be a dream come true for Brook Lopez

Steve Kerr will be Team USA's head coach for the upcoming Olympics, and Bucks center Brook Lopez has made sure to let him know he is available.

"I would love to do that. It's something I've always dreamed of experiencing since I was a little kid. I'm absolutely for it," Lopez said of the Olympics. "I asked Steve Kerr while I was subbing into a game last year -- I didn't ask, I told him I was free this coming summer of '24. So, hopefully this will help remind him and I'll do my job and ask him again."

Khris Middleton would feel "blessed" to join Team USA in Paris 

Middleton was part of the U.S. roster that took home the gold medal in 2020, and he is now looking for a chance to do it all again.

"I would for sure play. I've been thankful and blessed enough to be on one Olympic team," Middleton said. "I would love the opportunity to represent my country and do it again in Paris. I would definitely sign myself up for that."