After an extended Thanksgiving weekend, Matt Moore joins me for the podcast to discuss all of the mysteries and wonder that are the NBA right now. Some teams are surging, some are regressing, and some are as cold as Andrea Bargnani's shooting.

In today's episode, Matt and I look at the Timberwolves and why they might be on their five-game losing streak. Were they as good as their start? Are they as bad as their fall? What is the reasoning for the poor record with Kevin Love back, and how worried should they be about appeasing Love?

Then we move on to the Toronto Raptors and more specifically Bargnani's 2 of 19 shooting performance against the Spurs on Sunday. Was it the right move for Dwane Casey to stick with his guy? Can you get away with sacrificing the short term and build confidence and trust in the long term with a bad team?

Speaking of bad teams, are close losses more difficult for the Wizards or Raptors? Which team should feel better about itself?

We finish this episode up by discussing Monday night's the Knicks-Nets game. Are the Nets for real? Are the Knicks regressing? What is the makeup of these two teams going forward?

All that and swaddling of Nick Young. Enjoy.

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