In the aftermath of the Warriors and Wizards' fight on Friday night at Oracle Arena, it's a near-certainty that the NBA will issue additional punishments to those involved. Here's video of the fight:

And then there's the supplementary video, which has become a topic of focus, showing Kelly Oubre throwing a punch that connects with Klay Thompson

So here's a list of the actors involved that could face additional punishments:

Draymond Green

The Warriors power forward reacted to Beal's slap to the face by embracing him in what can only be described as an aggressive hug, wrestling with him into the area behind the basket. (Also delivered this elbow to Beal which may have contributed to Beal's reaction.) 

Bradley Beal

The Wizards shooting guard instigated the event by throwing the weird slap thing and grabbing onto Green with the headlock.


Even if Green set him off with the elbow, the league's not going to just let Beal's actions slide, especially when they ignited the kerfuffle. 

Kelly Oubre

Well, he punched his teammate:

But the Wizards forward also punched Thompson, as seen in the video above. In case you can't see where the punch actually happens, here's a still-frame: 


That's pretty clear. Oubre threw several punches, that's going to receive a harsher penalty. He probably gets the worst of this, especially after his suspension in last year's playoffs.

Markieff Morris and Carrick Felix

Both of the Wizards players came off the bench. They're getting dinged with suspensions, too. Coming off the bench is one thing, but coming off and entering the fray like Morris did is a bigger deal. 


So what are the punishments? Well, let's start here: The NBA is going to weigh a lot of factors in, like history of behavior, severity of damage (punches thrown/connected) and very importantly, the fact that this went and approached where the fans were sitting. 

After the Malice in the Palace, the NBA is understandably really touchy about those sorts of things. They conduct interviews with those involved to figure out what actually happened, and we don't have access to those. Also, prior incidents have often failed to actually result in consistent actions. So with the caveat that these could be wildly off, here's our best analysis of what to expect. 

Draymond Green 

No further action, beyond a possible fine (including for critical comments after his ejection). 

For one, Green was ejected from the game. The elbow to the midsection isn't enough to really get him in trouble. There's no real indication that Green was the one that pushed Beal down; it looks more like Beal dragged him to the floor, so it doesn't look like Green was responsible for it going near the fans. 

Green's prior history plays a role in this, despite him not having hit anyone in the crotch this time that we know of. But there's just no evidence to suggest that that his actions warrant further punishment. Green wasn't a saint here, but he also can't ultimately be found culpable. 

Bradley Beal

One-game suspension. 

Beal started it with the face tap and then the headlock. Now, the actual actions of Beal aren't that bad. He didn't (to the degree we can see the video) punch Green. If he did, that will increase his suspension. But even then, remember that Robin Lopez and Serge Ibaka were only suspended a game for throwing punches last year

The reason Beal could face the one-game suspension is because the incident wound up in the fans due to his headlock take down of Green. If the league decided Beal's ejection was sufficient, that wouldn't surprise, and if they decided that due to how ugly the incident was, he winds up with three games, that would be a stretch, but not much of one. 

Kelly Oubre

Suspended somewhere between three and five games. 

Oubre swung multiple times once when he hit his teammate and once whether it was inadvertent or not on Klay Thompson, was not involved in the initial incident, and has a history. One punch, with a good reputation? Yeah, you can get the Lopez/Ibaka suspension. But bear in mind there's history to support more harsh penalties. 

For starters, this fight took off into the fans and involved multiple punches thrown:

Friday night's fight wasn't nearly as bad as that one, but Carmelo Anthony was suspended 15 games for his involvement in that, J.R. Smith and Nate Robinson ten games, and all in all, 47 games were missed. A three-to-five game suspension seems like a conservative estimate and Oubre could very well get tagged with 8-10. But given there was no solid punch landed (on anyone but his teammate), he might slip out with 3-5. The NBA has been careful not to go to the extreme in "making an example out of" a player in recent years, so double-digit games missed seems unlikely. 

However ... you can make a very clear argument that in the hit on Thompson he was just trying to wrap him up (you can see him in the video wrap up Thompson to pull him away after) and Thompson did not feel it was a punch after the game. 

Then the punch that he threw that hit Wall, you can see Kevin Durant behind him and you can argue that he was just trying to get his arm free:

Sometimes swinging inadvertently, even without connecting, elicits a suspension. There's a huge gray area with Oubre. The only thing that would be truly shocking would be a suspension of more than 10 games, or of none at all. 

Markieff Morris and Carrick Felix

They are both getting suspended for a game, Morris could get as many as three. 

C.J. McCollum got hit with one earlier this season for coming off the bench and doing nothing. Morris actively got involved in the incident. That's a big deal after the Malice. Morris is currently out with injury, his suspension will be levied once he's medically cleared to return.

Anyone else?

At the moment, those five players seemed to be the central actors in this brawl. But the NBA's process is more detailed, includes more camera angles and gets more in-depth explanations from those involved. That's why these suspensions are so difficult to predict.