The first draft pick in the Las Vegas era of the Raiders, Alabama receiver Henry Ruggs III, was complimented for looking like the most comfortable prospect chosen so far when he was seen rocking a bathrobe on the couch of his home. But it wasn't comfort that inspired the calm, cool and collected draft day outfit, it was marketing. 

A closer examination of the bathrobe reveals a logo for Old Spice. Presumably, this was done to raise awareness of the $320,000 donation to United Way on behalf of rookies from all 32 NFL teams that the company made recently, according to Darren Rovell

Still, the branding didn't exactly stop Ruggs from looking swaggy on his big night. Here's what the scene looked like when he got the call that would change his life.

Ruggs is a classic Raiders selection in the sense that he fits the physical archetype of the kind of player Al Davis used to love selecting: a speedy receiver who could burn even the best corners in the league. The former Crimson Tide player notable ran a 4.27 in the 40-yard dash--a time he was disappointed with as he wanted to break the combine record for the drill.

Also noteworthy is his incredible high school mixtape in basketball, where he's seen repeatedly jumping out the gym with some incredible dunking. With his wardrobe choice, Ruggs made it clear that his demeanor on the court and on the field are nearly the opposite of what it is in his day-to-day life.