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Aaron Rodgers was nowhere to be found at the Packers' mandatory minicamp last week, but he showed up Tuesday for a conversation with Tom Brady and pro golfers Phil Mickelson and Bryson DeChambeau, all of whom will compete in the latest edition of "The Match," a celebrity series that returns with a July 6 event in Montana. Not only that, but both Rodgers and Brady appeared to poke fun at the Packers amid the former's reportedly ongoing feud with Green Bay leadership.

Speaking with TNT's Brian Anderson about the upcoming golf match, Rodgers first addressed questions about his headlining offseason by suggesting -- at first sarcastically -- that he's enjoyed a controversy-free couple of months. (All of this while sporting a T-shirt reading, "I'm Offended," days after Packers president Mark Murphy deemed Rodgers a "complicated fella.")

"It's been one of those quiet offseasons," the star QB said. "You just kinda go through your process on your own, quietly. You know, that's all you can ask for as an older player in the league, someone who's been around for a long time and just enjoy that time to yourself, to just relax, to not be bothered, to not have any obligations. And I think that's what this offseason's been about, it's been about really enjoying my time and spending it where I wanna spend it. And not feeling like I have to go anywhere, not having any responsibilities, but still being an NFL player ... It's been great."

Rodgers, of course, made no mention of his reported desire to never play for the Packers again. In fact, weeks after indicating on ESPN that he had a "philosophical" issue with Green Bay's front office, the reigning MVP didn't make a single mention of trade rumors. But his comments about enjoying an offseason free of responsibility ring loud after the QB skipped his team's mandatory three-day camp.

Later in the conversation, Rodgers joined Brady in seemingly jabbing the Packers when the latter jokingly alluded to Green Bay's decision to kick a field goal instead of go for a touchdown in the waning minutes of the NFC Championship Game.

"I do think you do have a partner," Brady told DeChambeau, "that would probably have liked to go for it a little more often than he has in the past. So Bryson, I'm glad you're encouraging him to kind of go for it when it's on the line ... rather than just, you know, knocking it into the fairway or something like that and (trying) to play for the next shot."

Rodgers' response: "Well, I usually don't get the option."

Stay tuned, because the end of this saga doesn't appear to be on the horizon.