The Indianapolis Colts football team is in a state of flux right now. Which is a nice of way of saying the Colts might be the worst team in football, an impressive feat given the Jets' almost transparent attempt to tank in 2017. Without Andrew Luck, the Colts were roadkill in Los Angeles with the Rams running over them to the tune of 46-9. Things might get worse before they get better, as Luck was almost immediately ruled out for Week 2 and does not appear close to playing any time soon this year

The issue is problematic enough that there are people openly wondering if Luck and the Colts are happy together and if there might be a scenario out there where the two sides could end up divorcing. On ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike on Wednesday, Mike Greenberg said there is a "general sense" around the NFL that there is an "ever-widening gap" of "unhappiness" between Luck and the Colts right now. 

"I'm not sure if I want to use the word 'rumor' -- there is sort of a general sense that you hear from people around the league if you talk to people who cover the sport of football right now, that there is an ever-widening gap between Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts," Greenberg said. "That his unhappiness and ... perhaps some familial unhappiness stems back beyond this. That maybe he felt he played when he wasn't 100 percent healthy. He's not playing now.

"And there's some talk that, even that there's some talk with that enormous contract and his enormous talent that we could be seeing right before our eyes the end of the Andrew Luck era in Indianapolis.

"Guys [Mike Golic and Herm Edwards], I'm assuming you've heard that because everyone is talking about it."

Edwards dove right in and said there has "been some conversation of some sort" before pointing out that he worked the Rams-Colts game on Sunday and then proceeding to blame Luck for signing his big contract and wondering about what the Colts could get in return for Luck in a trade.

Is this real life? 

The Colts did cut Peyton Manning after he missed the entire season because of a long-term injury before drafting his replacement, so maybe it's not THAT far-fetched to consider what might happen in the future. Luck misses the season with a shoulder injury, gets traded for a bunch of picks and the Colts draft Sam Darnold with their top pick -- but come on. Luck is a franchise quarterback who has been a victim of front office malpractice the last few seasons. Ryan Grigson didn't give him a running game, an offensive line or a defense. Luck played through his shoulder injury, among other ailments, for almost two full seasons before having surgery. 

It has got to be frustrating for everyone to have him sidelined, but Sunday was a good indication this roster is not capable of making a deep run. The Colts can't put Luck on IR because they've sold tickets already to the 2017 season. But they can bring him back slowly and actually start to build around him. Chris Ballard's done a nice job adding pieces without trying to go all in on the offseason this year. But it takes time to put out a dumpster fire.

And there's this from Luck's agent, Will Wilson, who said there's no truth to the report about Luck.

Look, the bottom line is that this is not an Andrew Luck thing. Everyone knows that.

This is a "gosh the Colts have done a horrible job, screwing up a situation where a second-straight franchise quarterback fell in their laps" thing. Luck carried the Colts his first few years; they had opportunities to build and did not take advantage of them. They pushed Luck's health to the limit and it is costing them dearly now. 

There are many different agendas in Indianapolis, between the coach who is desperate to win now, the GM who is no rush and wants the quarterback healthy, the owner who is going multiple directions and the quarterback who wants to both be healthy and to help his team and be on the field.