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The Kansas City Chiefs are the modern-day version of the early 2000s Los Angeles Lakers, at least according to wide receiver Tyreek Hill. Comparing the dynamic coaching duo of Andy Reid and Eric Bieniemy to Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant, the Chiefs are building a dynasty like those early 2000s Lakers. 

Which one is Shaq and which one is Kobe? Reid took a stab at who he resembles. 

"I presume I'm Shaq. You know what probably would be better is if I heard Shaq's comment on that. He wished he was looking this good," Reid said with a smile Monday. "No listen, EB (Eric Bieniemy) played for me and he's coached for me – or with me – and I would just tell you, we have to be on the same page during the game. The communication has to be spot on. 

"We started off with a young quarterback that didn't have a ton of experience, and to watch the growth that's taken place with him, between EB, (quarterbacks coach) Mike Kafka and the job that those guys have done with Patrick is phenomenal. So, EB and I have spent a ton of time working through all the stuff and just making sure that we're rolling and dancing the same dance. I have full trust. 

"When people say EB doesn't call the play, EB does. He literally calls the plays in there, and then I have full trust that if he has an idea, if he wants to shoot it, that he puts it in, and we go. I never question that."

What Reid and Bieniemy have done with the Chiefs have transformed the NFL. The Chiefs have scored the most points per game in the NFL (30.3) since Bieniemy became the offensive coordinator in 2018, along with the most yards per game (404.2). Kansas City also has the best record in the NFL during Bieniemy's run as offensive coordinator, going 50-15 with four conference championship game appearances and a Super Bowl title in the 2019 season. 

Patrick Mahomes also has the most passing yards, passing touchdowns, and the second-highest passer rating since the start of the 2018 season. Once the Chiefs started Mahomes and Bieniemy became the offensive coordinator, the franchise transformed to the top of the NFL. 

A second title will draw even more comparisons to the Lakers of the early 2000s, even with the emerging powers of the AFC coming with the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals seeking to take the throne.