Bills quarterback Josh Allen has made a lot of good decisions on the field this year, which is one big reason why he's leading the AFC in passing yards (1,038), passing touchdowns (10) and passer rating (124.8). However, Allen did make one pretty bad decision this season and because of it, he's now expecting to receive a large fine this week. 

Allen's poor decision came during the fourth quarter of Buffalo's 35-32 win over the Rams on Sunday. With just under eight minutes left to play, the Bills quarterback did something he almost instantly regretted: He cussed out an official. 

As you can imagine, Allen definitely didn't sound too proud of himself when he mentioned the situation during a recent interview. 

"I can't lose my cool," Allen told Pro Football Talk this week. "I used bad language that I shouldn't use to a ref. . . . I'm sure I'll get a nice little fine for that."

The outburst from Allen came midway through the fourth quarter while the Bills were clinging to a 28-25 lead. On a third-and-22, Allen got taken down by Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald and Allen got upset because he thought a horse-collar penalty should have been called. 

Unfortunately for Allen, a defensive player can't be called for a horse-collar penalty if the tackle is on a quarterback who's in the pocket, which means the ref correctly chose not to flag Donald on the play. 

Allen clearly didn't realize the ref actually got the call right, so after the play, he got directly in the ref's face and gave him a piece of his mind. 

Josh Allen got up in the ref's face during the fourth quarter on Sunday.  Fox/NFL GamePass

The ref definitely heard what Allen said, because at the end of the play, the Bills quarterback was hit with a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. To make matters worse, Allen actually fumbled on the play, which was recovered by the Rams. 

Of course, Allen can laugh about all of this now, because the Bills ended up winning to improve their record to 3-0. Allen has gotten off to such a hot start this year that he was actually named the AFC's offensive player of the month for September. 

After struggling through parts of his first two seasons in the NFL, Allen has been on fire in 2020 and a big reason for that is because he's now completely comfortable in the Bills offense. 

"I think the better I play, the more I know, the more comfortable I feel and it's just kind of a cycle," Allen said this week, via the Bills website. "So I have to stay on top of it, understand what the defense is doing, understand that it's not really about what they do, it's about how we react to what they do. So I think that's kind of where we've progressed in that area, and I know we're going to have to keep progressing."

Thanks in large part to Allen, the Bills are off to a 3-0 start for just the fourth time this century. This week, they'll be traveling to Las Vegas to face the Raiders and if they can pull off a win out west, they'll improve to 4-0 for just the second time since 1995.