Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Rams
Harry How / Getty Images

Based on videos around the Internet, it seems that half the fun of getting pregnant these days is that you get to do the gender reveal that comes with it, but we might have to stop doing gender reveals because there's a good chance no one is going to top what Bills receiver Isaiah McKenzie did for his sister during the Bills' 31-10 blowout win over the Rams

McKenzie's sister is having a baby and she held a gender reveal party on Thursday night, only the twist here is that her brother revealed the gender of the baby DURING THE GAME. As a matter of fact, not only was it during the game, but it came after McKenzie scored a pivotal touchdown in the third quarter on a 7-yard throw from Josh Allen

At the 17-second mark in the video above, McKenzie looks into the camera and yells, "It's a boy!"

When he initially did that, it caused some confusion for people who were watching the game at home and that's because they weren't in on the gender reveal secret. Some people thought McKenzie was making fun of the Rams' secondary while some other people thought that he was announcing the gender of his own baby. 

And then some other people were just totally confused. 

As it turns out though, McKenzie was actually revealing the gender of his sister's baby. 

The Bills shared a video on Friday that showed how everyone reacted when they found out that the baby was going to be a boy. 

I have no idea what the plan was going to be if McKenzie didn't score in the game, but he did, which means this is now going to simultaneously go down as one of the best gender reveal/TD celebrations in human history. 

Some people use blue or pink balloons for a gender reveal, some people use blue or pink smoke, some people put blue or pink frosting on a cake, but until Thursday, no one had announced the gender of a baby after scoring a touchdown in an NFL game and I don't think anyone will be topping this gender reveal idea/TD celebration anytime soon.