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Tom Brady's 11-day absence from Tampa Bay Buccaneers training camp led to a lot of questions, including some saying he is not fully focused on playing football. As Brady enters his 23rd year, members of the Bucs are as confident as ever in the oldest quarterback in the league despite any outside chatter.

On Monday, Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles was asked about Brady's current mindset and whether or not No. 12 is "all in" for the 2022 season.

"He's been all-in since we got him. He's all-in now," Bowles said (via NBC Sports), showing confidence in his quarterback. Bowles added that he is focused on what his players do on the field, not their business outside of play.

"I don't follow the off-the-field stuff. I listen to XM The Groove and Soul Town," Bowles added. "My off-the-field activities are honestly not even football-related.

As of right now, there is no confirmed reason why Brady missed time with his team. His explanation was left at, "I'm 45 years old. There's a lot of s--- going on."

Brady's offseason has looked different from many others', not just because of the 11-day absence, but also from his retirement announcement to his un-retirement just 40 short days later.

Outside of the Bucs, people may be questioning this "all-in" mentality given Brady's offseason, but his teammates and head coach have not expressed any concern over his readiness for the season.