The Chiefs and Redskins went toe to toe Monday night, playing an extremely close game that came down to a field-goal attempt with eight seconds left on the clock. Chiefs rookie Harrison Butker drilled the kick, but with four seconds remaining, Washington had at least some hope that a crazy ending could give them the win.

For gamblers though, the Butker kick almost definitely sealed things. Most people bet the line with the Chiefs as 6.5- or 7-point favorites, so the Washington cover was in the bag. With the over/under closing at 47.5, the under also looked to be sealed up with the Chiefs up 23-20.

Until it wasn't.

That play flipped the winning tickets from Redskins and under to Chiefs and over in one fell swoop. In fact, it was the only time all night the Chiefs were in line for the cover, and it just happened to be on the last play.

Some gamblers were less than thrilled at the ending:

But gamblers weren't the only ones affected by the ending. Fantasy matchups featuring the Chiefs defense also turned on a dime with the end-of-game defensive TD.

How did Justin Houston feel as he was about to ruin Fantasy owners' and gamblers' nights?

Justin Houston has a big smile on his face before scoring a TD. USATSI

Sometimes life just isn't fair.