NFL: AFC Championship-Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs
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The Kansas City Chiefs are fresh off a Super Bowl title and one of the greatest offseasons in recent memory. Kansas City is set up to not just win in 2020, but over the next several years as its franchise quarterback and top defensive player are signed for the long haul. 

Chris Jones sees the potential of a dynasty in Kansas City. 

"This is only the beginning," Jones said to KCSP 610 Sports Radio Monday, via Pro Football Talk. "We plan to have another parade and another parade and another parade. We're going to make sure we bring not one, not two, not three, not four, but five-plus rings to Kansas City. It's been 50 years of waiting, but the wait is over now. It's time to create a dynasty."

In case those comments sound eerily familiar, that may be because we are 10 years removed from LeBron James and his "not five, not six, not seven" statement after the Miami Heat signed him away from the Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron played four seasons in Miami, winning two championships -- not exactly the seven he was talking about during that Heat pep rally. 

So it's easy to roll the eyeballs and laugh at Jones, but he does have some validity to his statement. The Chiefs did sign Patrick Mahomes to a 12-year deal worth up to $503 million, but the franchise quarterback admitted he left some money on the table to keep the franchise in contention for Super Bowls over the life of the contract. This was how the Chiefs were able to sign Jones to a five-year, $80 million deal, which is really for two years when looking at the details of the deal -- a strategy Chiefs general manager Brett Veach has used in retaining 20 of the team's 22 starters from the Super Bowl title team. 

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The Chiefs have nine players making over $10 million in salary this season, which doesn't include Mahomes (his cap number doesn't reach over $20 million until next year). Their key players are signed for the foreseeable future as Sammy Watkins is the top free agent on Kansas City's roster heading into 2021, making the opportunity to win a championship even greater over the next two seasons. 

Of course, there's the Andy Reid factor. Reid has over two decades of success in the NFL, having a top-10 offense in points scored in 17 of his 21 years. His .688 win percentage with the Chiefs skyrockets to .774 with Mahomes as his starting quarterback. Then there's the 207 regular season wins (seventh all-time) and 15 playoff victories (sixth all-time).

Mahomes and Reid are the best quarterback/head coach combination in the league. As long as the two are paired together, the Chiefs will be competing for Super Bowls every year. 

For the Chiefs to live up to Jones' statement, it will be difficult -- but four more titles in 12 years with Mahomes and Reid isn't impossible. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick found a way to accomplish the task.