This season has been a trying one for Darrelle Revis. Once one of the NFL's best players at his position, if not the best, Revis has seen his play take a big step back in 2016.

The season still has one week left, though, so Revis will be on the field Sunday when the Jets take on the Buffalo Bills. How excited is he about that prospect? Not very, per the New York Daily News.

It's quite possible the Jets will part ways with the aging cornerback after this season. And when asked Thursday in Florham Park how badly he wants to continue playing football, Revis gave an unconvincing answer.

"I'm under contract," he said. "So I'm still playing."

Does that mean the only reason he wants to keep playing is because he's under contract?

"Yeah," Revis said. "It's my job."

If "I'm under contract" is really the only reason Revis is sticking around, he may not have to worry about that for long. The Jets can save $9.3 million against the cap by cutting ties with him this offseason, according to Spotrac, and if they decide to go with a full-scale rebuild, it's certainly possible that they do just that.

They would not have gotten much return on their five-year, $70 million deal they handed Revis last offseason if they do go that route, but it's not like they're all that likely to recoup much excess value in the final three years of the deal as Revis ages further.

If the Jets do decide to move on, it's possible Revis could move to safety (he hinted at that possibility earlier this season) or even retire, though he's stated that he's not thinking about doing that just yet.