It's been an eventful NFL offseason when it comes to off-field activity, but one of the most serious alleged incidents had to do with New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker and Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar. Last month, Baker was charged with four counts of armed robbery with a firearm and four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm while Dunbar was charged with four counts of armed robbery. Both parties turned themselves into police, but their lawyers proclaimed their innocence. 

It has now been a couple of weeks since any new developments have surfaced regarding this story, but on Wednesday, Baker's attorney told SNY that he believes the charges filed against his client could be dropped by the end of the week

"I think we've got the case won, to be honest with you," Patrick G. Patel told SNY's Ralph Vacchiano. "I think it's only a matter of time. But it's the kid's life. This kid will get suspended and lose his job, and then the case gets dismissed and what have we done? So everybody's taking a wait and see approach."

Per the police report, Baker took money and watches from victims with force and was armed with a semi-automatic firearm during an incident that occurred on Wednesday, May 13. Dunbar was allegedly assisting Baker in taking the money and valuables from the attendees at a party in Miramar. The pair were allegedly attending a cookout when an argument ensued, resulting in Baker revealing a semi-automatic firearm. Baker allegedly directed a third member, wearing a red mask, to shoot a person who entered the party -- but the gun was not fired. 

Both Baker and Dunbar are believed to have taken over three timepieces -- including an $18,000 Rolex watch and a Hublot worth $25,000. Baker and Dunbar also allegedly took over $7,000 in cash. Two affiants did not see Dunbar with a firearm, but one said the opposite. Patel previously said that the case against his client was "complete garbage" and that Baker was the victim of a "shakedown." 

"There was no robbery," Patel said. "Nothing at all. He's absolutely taking that position. And I'm confident the state is going to look at all the facts and realize it's absurd that a kid making $2 million a year is going to steal a fake watch.

"... The situation is simple: Dre was the first-round draft choice at the party. There were no other first-round draft picks. Dunbar is an NFL athlete too. These two guys were the marks."

According to SNY, Baker was told to stay away from team meetings back on May 17 so he could "focus on his legal issues." He also is still not allowed to participate in any of the Giants' video meetings. Baker was selected with the No. 30 overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft out of Georgia. As a rookie with the Giants, he played in all 16 games and recorded just eight pass breakups, but tallied 55 total tackles.