Ryan Tannehill now owns an NFL record. Last week against the Titans, Tannehill ended his game by completing seven passes in a row. Facing the Texans on Sunday, Tannehill completed his first 18 passes.

Add up those two totals and you get 25 consecutive completions -- an NFL record. The previous record of 24 straight completions was held by Donovan McNabb, who set the mark in 2004.

Really, Tannehill's performance on Sunday couldn't have gone any better. Tannehill went 18 of 19 for 282 yards and four touchdowns.

He had some help from his receivers.

And if you're wondering about the NFL record for the highest completion percentage in a single game, unfortunately for Tannehill, his 94.7 completion percentage won't qualify because he didn't throw enough passes. He needed just one more attempt to become eligible, but the Dolphins subbed in backup quarterback Matt Moore with four minutes remaining in the game.

Had Tannehill completed that hypothetical 20th pass, he would've set another NFL record.

Ryan Tannehill set the NFL record for the most passes completed in a row. (USATSI)