The Seahawks' offense failed to reach the end zone in the first half on Sunday, but they still provided plenty of fireworks. The bad news: The explosion happened on the sideline. The worse news: It involved a player, Doug Baldwin, and a coach, Tom Cable. 

In the second quarter of the Seahawks' game against the Giants, Baldwin shoved Cable on the sidelines during what appeared to be a heated exchange. As members of the offense gathered around the offensive line coach, Baldwin pushed Cable away and shouted in Russell Wilson's direction. Baldwin did quickly settle down and Cable went on to address the players with head coach Pete Carroll looking on.

Take a look:

The Seahawks were supposed to be one of the league's best teams, but they entered their Week 7 game against the Giants with a 3-2 record. And at halftime on Sunday, they trailed the 1-5 Giants by four points, 7-3. 

Some good news for the Seahawks: Given the state of the NFL (bad), they still might be the second best team in the NFC.

It's worth noting that we probably shouldn't blow this sideline incident out of proportion because it happens a lot in Seattle. It always seems like the Seahawks lead the league in sideline incidents and they still always make the playoffs. Last year, star cornerback Richard Sherman screamed at offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell over his offensive playcalling. And he also did this:

Still, it's something to monitor moving forward. Cable coaches the weak point of the Seahawks (their offensive line) and Baldwin is the Seahawks' best skill position player. A star player pushing a coach is always notable. It just wouldn't be surprising to see the Seahawks move right past it.