Tony Romo (L), 'has not earned a dollar he's been given,' says to Travis Johnson (R). (USATSI)
Travis Johnson played six NFL seasons -- four with the Texans, the team that selected him in the first round of the 2005 draft, and two more with the Chargers. He ended his career in 2010 with 102 tackles, three sacks and an interception.

Now, like many former players, Johnson is a television analyst, talking passionately -- if not always accurately -- about the game he once played. In a recent Comcast SportsNet roundtable discussion, Johnson slammed Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo for the typical Tony Romo offenses: He's a choker, unworthy of a new contract, so on and so forth. Basically, Donovan McNabb's talking points.

"When Tony Romo got to Dallas he had everything around him," Johnson said, before noting, "And (he's) a loser.

"Tony Romo was given everything he's got. … He had Leonard Davis at one point, he had Flozell 'The Hotel,' he had Andre Gurode -- you can keep on naming these Pro Bowl guys. At one time he had five Pro Bowlers on the offensive line."

(Editor's note: Turns out, that's not true.'s Frank Schwab points out that the number is three -- not five.)

When one of the panelists said that the lack of a running game was part of the problem, Johnson interrupted, "Because they have no passing game -- nobody's worried about the running game."

And the $108 million extension with $40 million guaranteed?

"Tony Romo has not earned a dollar he's been given," Johnson said.

The conversation then turned to Tony Romo vs. Texans quarterback Matt Schaub, which resulted in this trenchant analysis from Johnson:

"Matt Schaub can get the job done," he began. "I played with him … he can take this team to a Super Bowl. Can he win a Super Bowl? I don't know. That's a whole different ball game once you get there.

"But Tony Romo is not that guy," Johnson continued. "He is a thief, you should bring him up on federal charges right now. … He doesn't even have a ski mask on. I'm gonna tell you right now, you're gonna die -- if a man robs you with no ski mask on he's gonna kill you. And that's exactly what he's doing -- he's killing the franchise. … He's not worried about witnesses at all, he just knows, 'Hey, I'm killing you.' And he's killing the franchise right now. … 75,000 witnesses and nobody wants to testify against him."

Donovan, you appear to have some competition.