The Buccaneers offense wasn't the only thing running wild at training camp on Tuesday, so was Hulkamania, and that's because Hulk Hogan decided to make an appearance at Tampa Bay's practice. 

As soon as Hogan showed up, he instantly became the most popular person in the building. After the Bucs were done practicing, multiple players were itching to get a picture with the man who is arguably the world's most famous wrestler. 

Buccaneers defensive end Vinny Curry was so excited to meet Hogan that he was actually shaking. 

"I'm glad nobody saw that I was shaking," Curry said after practice, via "That was my childhood hero."

During his heyday in the WWE back in the mid-1990s, Hogan would implore children to say their prayers and eat their vitamins. Apparently, Curry and teammate Evan Smith were watching a lot of wrestling back then, because they followed all of Hogan's advice. 

"He's the reason I eat my vegetables and say my prayers," Curry said. "Take your vitamins and say your prayers, brother!"

Smith also was big on the vitamins. 

"I told him I definitely took my vitamins as a kid," Smith said. "He was like, 'I could tell!'"

Before leaving the Bucs' facility, Hogan got a picture with Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston, which led to quite the reaction on Twitter. 

As you probably know, Winston has been suspended for the first three games of the season for inappropriately touching an Uber driver. As for Hogan, he's had to deal with a couple of recent controversies himself, including a 2014 situation where he was fired by World Wrestling Entertainment and kicked out of the WWE Hall of Fame after a tape emerged where Hogan used several racially-charged words. 

Here's how Twitter reacted to the picture of Hogan and Winston. 

Hogan was eventually reinstated by the WWE in a move that came last month. As for Winston, although he's suspended, he's allowed to practice with the team through the preseason, including all of training camp.