Jalen Ramsey turned a lot of heads for his comments in Mina Kimes' feature story for ESPN, but he grabbed the hockey world's ear with his comments about the NHL. The star Jaguars cornerback said that he could make it in the NHL after just six months of training, despite never having skated.

It looks like the NHL is giving him a chance to put his money where his mouth is.

Ramsey tweeted on Tuesday that a collaboration with the NHL is coming soon.

He certainly seems to have softened his stance a little bit with the "NothingButRespect" hashtag. He also gave some credit to P.K. Subban's impressive footwork, which looks like it might have taken a bit longer than six months to perfect.

If this collaboration is Ramsey clumsily skating up and down the ice in a skills challenge, this will be well worth it. NHL players have already expressed their displeasure with Ramsey's comments, so the other ideal scenario for the players is probably them lining up to pin him against the boards.

Ramsey is an unbelievable corner, but the Jaguars probably don't want him to go too far down this hockey road. It's a good way to get hurt, and he's a big part of the Jaguars' shot at winning a Super Bowl