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Todd Gurley is wearing a wry smile at the moment, and it's not difficult to ascertain why. The three-time All-Pro running back is only one year removed from being unceremoniously released by the Los Angeles Rams, despite still being productive and having set franchise records in his time with the organization after getting the nod as their 10th-overall pick in 2015. Gurley's relationship quickly deteriorated with head coach Sean McVay and the front office in 2019 -- leading to his release -- and in short order they've now sent Jared Goff packing as well, in a blockbuster trade deal that includes him heading to the Detroit Lions and Matthew Stafford moving his family to Southern California.

Gurley was far from shocked by the move, given his own recent experience in the City of Angels.

"Well, another situation where I wasn't surprised again," Gurley said, via "But you know, I like Goff. I like Goff -- he's a good guy. Don't nobody care about who's a good guy. I'm just happy he'll be able to go somewhere and hopefully those guys welcome him with open arms and just not be judgmental and just let him play. 

"He's been a No. 1 pick for a reason, and he has a lot of ball left in him."

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The situation between Goff and McVay began to derail over the course of 2020, leading many to wonder if the decision to start backup John Wolford in the wild card round against the Seattle Seahawks was solely because of Goff's fractured thumb, or if their were ulterior motives. McVay fanned those flames when he came out after the team was eliminated from the playoffs and refused to commit to the future of Goff in Los Angeles, instead making it clear the quarterback position would not be spared evaluation -- hinting at a QB competition to come. Shortly thereafter, however, Stafford made it clear he wanted out of Detroit, and the rest is recent history.

And much like Gurley before him, Goff is out of LA roughly two years after signing a record-setting contract extension.

Stafford will now become the face of the Rams while Goff will presumably do the same for the Lions, although the latter isn't as guaranteed quite yet -- even with the contract Detroit is taking on. Time will tell if the more recent former No. 1-overall pick (Stafford is one as well) will bounce back in the Motor City, but Gurley believes it'll happen. Having spent four years together with the Rams in a stretch that included a Super Bowl appearance, he feels his former QB has a lot to give for the right team.

"It could be a good thing for him, you know?" said Gurley. "Just add an extra chip on your shoulder. A lot of players like to play with chips on their shoulder, but it's a lot different when you're a franchise quarterback and you take your team to the Super Bowl and two years later you're on a whole other team. Like I told him -- man, love him, just want him to be happy and keep doing what you're doing."