Former reality TV star Kristin Cavallari loves to share things on Instagram, which is something you probably realized back in March when she decided to share a naked photo of her husband, Jay Cutler, that showed off his backside. 

Although a lot people out there probably wouldn't appreciate it if their significant other posted a naked picture of them on Instagram, Cutler didn't seem to mind, and we know that because on Friday, he revealed the details on how the picture came to be.  

During an interview with WMVP-AM's "The Waddle and Silvy Show" in Chicago, Cutler explained that he was at a beach in Mexico, where a lot of the people were already nude, so he decided to get nude. 

"I was out there early in the morning and she took it," Cutler explained, via the Chicago Sun-Times. "That was kind of a surprise."

So what's the most logical thing to do after you surprise your husband by taking a nude photo of him? You ask him if you can put it on the internet, of course.

"She always asks if she can put me on the World Wide Web. So she did ask me if she could do it, and I was like, 'Yeah, whatever,'" Cutler said. 

That's the most Cutler answer ever. You can almost imagine the conversation happening. 

Cavallari: "Hey honey, I'm going to put a naked picture of you on the internet."

Cutler: "Yeah, whatever." 

*Picture gets posted, immediately goes viral*

The NSFW picture only shows the backside of Cutler, and you can see it on Cavallari's Instagram page by clicking here. The photo already has more than 80,000 likes on Instagram. 

There's a bottom half to this photo and it's on Kristin Cavallari's Instagram page.  Instagram

Anyway, the Cutlers just made the move from Chicago to Nashville, and according to Jay, there's plenty of space for hanging out in the buff. 

"We've got a lot of trees around us. You do have the freedom to do that here," Cutler said jokingly. "We've had a little bit of rain the last couple days, so that's kinda kept my clothes on as of late. But I checked the forecast, and there's some sun coming the next few days. I look forward to liberating myself and being my true self."

Of course, now that Cutler's retired from football, it's possible that his new employer will ask him to cut down on the nude pictures. The former Bears quarterback was hired by Fox on Friday and will make his debut on the network's No. 2 announcing team in August. 

To get a taste of what Cutler might bring to the announcing booth, here's a compilation from NFL Films that solely consists of sarcastic Cutler moments.