Tony Pollard is doing his best to make the Dallas Cowboys not miss Ezekiel Elliott too much. 

The rookie once again got the start in Dallas' preseason contest with the Los Angeles Rams in place of Elliott, who is currently holding out for a new contract, and impressed. Pollard rushed for 42 yards on 8.4 yards per-carry and a touchdown in a performance that has Cowboys owner Jerry Jones forgetting all about his All-Pro back. 

"Who? Now Zeke who?"Jones joked.

That comment was met with various laughs by reporters and a grinning Jones then looked directly at the camera and said to Elliott, "we're having some fun, not at your expense."

While Pollard has been impressive so far in camp, Jones did note that he missed a critical blitz pickup that resulted in quarterback Dak Prescott getting walloped for a sack. Overall, however, it's been a strong showing for Pollard and Jones sees him as a strong compliment to Elliott when he returns to the club. 

"What's amazing for him is to come in here and he hadn't done that much," Jones said of Pollard. "He knows exactly what to do and he knows how to do it. (If) he goes out there and plays to that level, if he continues this, through the next several weeks, he'll be right in the middle of it early. That will really complement what we're doing with Zeke, not replace that, I mean that, not replace it. Nobody is getting cute here, certainly be a great compliment to have a great running game. I can picture those guys in the same sets, at the same time out there and really giving the defense some fits."

As for when Elliott may return to the club, the back did head back to Texas after training in Cabo, according to CBS Sports Patrik Walker. He's now continuing his training up in North Texas as the Cowboys wrap up training camp. Walker notes that no deal has been signed yet, but the fact that he'll be within the same state lines is certainly a positive sign. 

Dallas reportedly has a "top-five" offer on the table for Elliott, but the running back's camp is looking for a contract that is in the same area as Los Angeles' Todd Gurley

Whether or not he actually gets that offer remains to be seen, but Jones certainly sounds like a guy who is counting on Zeke in 2019.