The Jets' No. 2 CB thinks he's the Jets' No. 2 WR, too. (US PRESSWIRE)

The Jets may face plenty of questions heading into the 2012 season but one thing they don't lack is confidence. It starts with their coach, of course, who while finally not willing to declare this team Super Bowl-bound, did identify himself as the NFL's best defensive coach (an analysis based "on facts," apparently).

Taking a cue from Rex Ryan, cornerback Antonio Cromartie showed some of that self-assurance during a Tuesday appearance on the show formerly known as Cold Pizza. For some reason, the conversation turned to Cromartie's skills as a pass-catcher and the former Chargers first-round pick rated himself the second-best receiver on the Jets' roster after … Santonio Holmes (you thought we were going to say Tim Tebow, right?).

"I think I’d put myself as second," Cromartie said via PFT. "I haven’t really played it in the past four or five years, but I can put myself as the second just with raw ability and talent going out there, I think, me separating and being a more physical guy out there on the outside."

You know, it's not a completely ridiculous notion (okay, maybe it is, but still); the Jets don't have much depth at wideout -- they chose not to re-sign Plaxico Burress (he's still confused by this development) and they drafted high-upside talent Stephen Hill in the second round of the April draft. Then there's Chaz Schillens and Jeremy Kerley.

"Kerley is a more of a slot receiver, he’s a slot guy," Cromartie said. "Stephen Hill is a younger guy that can get down the field. I think, for me, I can run every single route in the route tree. I’m not going to take anything away from my ability, so when you ask me that question, I’m going to say, yes, I believe I’m one of the best receivers on the football team, next to Santonio Holmes."

Cromartie was a dangerous return man early in his NFL career (during the 2007 season with the Chargers, he returned a missed field goal 109 yards for a touchdown) and he also has 22 interceptions in five seasons. So who knows -- given that Ryan plans to use Tebow 15-20 snaps a game as a Wildcat specialist -- not to mention the purported punt protector duties -- it's reasonable to assume that Cromartie could get an opportunity to flash his playmaking skills on the other side of the ball.

We just wish somebody had asked him if Cro the corner could cover Cro the wideout.

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