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Earlier this week, the New York Jets finally consummated their trade for longtime Green Bay Packers quarterback and future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers. It was a long time coming, and it ended with the Jets sending No. 13, a 2023 second-round pick (No. 42), a sixth-round pick (No. 207) and a conditional 2024 second-round pick (which becomes a first-round pick if Rodgers plays 65% of New York's snaps) to Green Bay in exchange for Rodgers, the No. 15 pick and a 2023 fifth-round pick (No. 170). 

Rodgers was heading into the second season of the three-year, $150 million contract he signed with the Packers last offseason, and there are two years and $108.7 million remaining on that deal, according to Over the Cap. The way that $108.7 million is doled out, though, is quite interesting. 

According to ESPN, the Packers converted Rodgers' $58.3 million 2023 option bonus into 2024 salary, which means he is set to count against New York's books for just $1.165 million in 2023... and $107.55 million in 2024. Here it is, via Over the Cap. 


According to NFL Media, this had to happen for the Jets to fit Rodgers onto their books in the first place, and Rodgers agreeing to sign the revised deal actually saved the Packers around $14.6 million in cap room this year as well. So, he did his old team a bit of a favor on his way out the door. 

Obviously, carrying Rodgers at a $107.55 million cap hit in 2024 is totally untenable. So, Rodgers' deal will surely be reworked again sometime between now and the start of the 2024 offseason. For now, though, he is on the books for an absolutely bonkers amount of money. 

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