Quarterback Lamar Jackson's future with the Baltimore Ravens is currently up in the air, with his current contract expiring. In 2022, Jackson played under the fifth-year option since the two parties did not agree to a long-term deal in the offseason.

Jackson's future is a major topic heading into the 2023 season, with many weighing in on how they see the situation going. Ravens tight end Mark Andrews and former Super Bowl MVP Von Miller are the latest to give their perspectives.

The two back Jackson's abilities and say he deserves to get paid. Miller went so far to put him higher than a future Hall of Famer.

"[Jackson] does more than Aaron Rodgers ... [Jackson] does everything and Aaron Rodgers is getting $50 million," Miller said.

Andrews echoed these thoughts and gave some insight on what he has seen as Jackson's teammate.

"Oh my God, he does everything," Andrews said of his quarterback. "You're speaking facts man. Everything you said is true man, he deserves it, he deserves more, man. He's a fierce competitor. Every time he steps on that field he's the one, man. He's the guy, there's no one like him."

A deal will of course take both sides to compromise to get something done, but Andrews says he believes it is something both parties want.

"So he's a very special guy and I know he's gonna get paid and I just hope that the deal gets done because I know the Ravens want to get the deal done. I think that he wants to be a Raven as well, so hopefully both parties can get that done. You know how it is, though," the tight end said.

A franchise tag is a likely option and while a trade is not likely, it is still very possible.