Maybe Paul Richardson's catch against the Lions in the Seattle-Detroit wild-card playoff game (come join our live blog here!) wasn't the lock-it-down catch of the year for the 2016 NFL season. But it might be, and it was definitely the catch of the year for 2017.

On a fourth-and-goal from the 2-yard line, the Seahawks elected to go for six points despite previously missing two runs and one pass. They let Russell Wilson toss the ball, and he floated it up to Richardson near the back of the end zone.

Wilson clearly threw the ball short the ball, but Richardson didn't care, and he went full extension to snare the ball for an absolutely bananas touchdown catch.

I mean, that is ABSURD. The extension he makes with that hand while in mid air should be impossible but we know it's not impossible because Richardson pulled it off.

via NFL Broadcast

Lions fans may take some umbrage with the play, however. On the catch, a flag was thrown for pass interference. Detroit players initially believed it would be on the offense, but the officials announced the call was on the Lions.

Let's zoom in and see if that was fair.

Yeah, no. That's not right. Richardson made an incredible catch but he also snared the face-mask there. So the Lions didn't catch a break and Richardson caught a crazy-looking touchdown pass to put Seattle up 7-0.