Courtesy of Cincinnati Bengals

On Tuesday, the Cincinnati Bengals revealed their white on white color rush uniforms on social media. The "White Bengal" was announced earlier this year. 

The sleek black and white look was teased online with the caption, "Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day?"

Take a look at the Bengals new look:

The jerseys will make their debut on Thursday Night Football when the Bengals host the 3-0 Miami Dolphins.

The team released a hype video for the uniforms which shows the field being repainted white for the game.

The Bengals also updated their Twitter profile picture to a photo of the new white helmet with black bengal stripes. Teams are now able to have an alternate helmet, after the league lifted the one helmet rule that had been in place for the last decade.

The Bengals are one of 13 teams that have introduced a second helmet. 

Thursday will not just see the new uniforms, but will also include a Ring of Honor ceremony. This is the second-ever Bengals Ring of Honor class and they will induct two new members: Willie Anderson and Isaac Curtis.

The Bengals and the Dolphins are scheduled to kick off on Thursday at 8:15 p.m. ET.