We're right smack in the middle of that long, languid period between mini-camp and training camp, and that means players from each team are strewn all over the world while getting themselves ready for the next stage of the offseason. But just because they're not in the same room, doesn't mean they can't still work together. 

Just ask the New York Giants

New Giants wideout Brandon Marshall wants to get his timing down with quarterback Eli Manning, but they're not in the same place. So what did Marshall do? He rang up Eli on Facetime, broke out his notebook and got to work.

Here, check out Marshall's latest Instagram post:

There's a little bit of a fake-out there, with Marshall sitting in front of a computer screen as the camera pans around, and then you see Eli is actually on a cell phone that's standing up against some desk supplies. 

It seems like they're working on some timing patterns here, with Marshall talking about how he has to get to his break quicker when he sees man coverage in the Giants' offense than when he was with the Jets. Possession receiving is his game at this point, so he's going to need his timing to be on point with Eli.

Good to see they're already trying to get everything down pat.