The Arizona Cardinals had the Seattle Seahawks off the field after a third down stop, but extracurricular activity by Dre Kirkpatrick went horribly wrong for the Cardinals. Kirkpatrick had an on-field scuffle with Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf after a third-down stop on fellow Seattle receiver Tyler Lockett that led to a disagreement between the two teams where the officials had to break the teams up. 

Kirkpatrick upset Metcalf enough that the Seahawks receiver tried to confront him, but Metcalf was held back as the skirmish got worse. Kirkpatrick received a 15-yard penalty for taunting, giving Seattle an automatic first down after the Seahawks were stopped on third-and-7. Russell Wilson completed a 5-yard pass to Tyler Lockett as Isaiah Simmons wrapped up the receiver before Budda Baker took a second hit at him. After the play was when the shouting match between Metcalf and Kirkpatrick. 

Shortly after, the game was paused as both teams came out onto the field -- with Metcalf gaining the attention of the cameras even though he wasn't the recipient of the penalty. 

The 15-yard taunting penalty by Kirkpatrick extended the Seahawks drive and put Seattle at the Arizona 17-yard line. The Seahawks scored a touchdown two plays later to take a 23-14 lead in the third quarter. No players were ejected from the game.