Colin Kaepernick's decision to protest the national anthem has sparked lots of conversation as well, and many different NFL players have reacted in many different ways. The Falcons and Saints, ahead of Monday night's 10th-year anniversary of the first post-Katrina game at the Superdome, chose to honor the anthem in a different way.

All the players for both teams stood in a circle at midfield and formed a ring of unity ahead of the game.

These two teams have formed a pretty heated rivalry over the past decade or so, but they put personal differences aside in order to show respect during a special day for the city of New Orleans and the Saints franchise.

According to Britt McHenry of ESPN, it was actually Sean Payton who reached out to Falcons coach Dan Quinn and broached the idea of a unified approach to the pregame celebration.

Key members of both teams appreciated the idea, and that's how they ended up with the unified show of support.