The Broncos' season is over, but the defending Super Bowl champs did end their 2016 campaign with a 24-6 victory over the division rival Raiders. And perhaps the most memorable moment from the game took place after the whistle, on the sidelines, when Aqib Talib snatched Michael Crabtree's gold chain right off his neck.

No, really.

Talib's postgame explanation?

"He has just been wearing that gold chain all year; it's just been growing on me," Talib explained. "I said if he wears that chain in front of me, I'm going to snatch it off. He wore it in front of me, so I had to snatch it off. He started crying to the ref. He didn't say nothing to me though."

Not surprisingly, Crabtree wasn't impressed with Talib's antics though he admits there wasn't much he could do about it at the time.

"The refs are talking to me like I was playing dirty," Crabtree said, via "A guy snatches my chain. He's hitting me after the play. But, if I react, they'll kick me out of the game.

"It was too much. You see the dude and what he's doing in front of me. What do you want me to do? I can't react, or they kick me out of the game and I'm the bad guy. I made a business decision for my team."

Crabtree says he literally wanted to smack Talib.

"I looked like I wanted to hit him ... I'm not even that type of dude," the Raiders' wide receiver continued. "I play football. I don't get up in anybody's space doing all that extra cut blocking. I could've cut him. I could've hurt him, but I'm playing football. I don't like that man. ...

"I really don't like No. 21, though. I think he's fake. ... You aren't tough. You aren't defending anybody up like that. You're acting. You're snatching chains up on the field. What do you accomplish? Are you hard? Are you tough? Does that make you tough? You're snatching chains in front of the police and take off running. That was childish man."

Crabtree can take solace in knowing that the Broncos' are done. Unfortunately, with Derek Carr done for the season, the Raiders' days appear numbered too.