Miami Dolphins Introduce Mike McDaniel
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The Miami Dolphins are currently on the outside looking in on the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft. Originally, the franchise had two picks on Day 1 but shipped one away to the Denver Broncos at the trade deadline in exchange for pass rusher Bradley Chubb. Miami was also stripped of its first pick in this year's draft after the NFL found it had broken the league's tampering policy involving Tom Brady and Sean Payton.

Now, the Dolphins have no picks on Day 1 and just four selections in total in this coming draft, starting with No. 51 overall in the second round. That said, this doesn't mean the Dolphins will be punting on the draft. In fact, there's even a possibility of them being on the clock at some point in the first round. 

This week, Dolphins GM Chris Grier revealed to reporters that teams have called about the possibility of trading down in the draft and have identified Miami -- given the team's lack of a first-rounder -- as a candidate to potentially want to move up.

"We've had a couple of teams in the bottom half of the first round reach out about saying they would be interested in coming down possibly if their guys aren't there, and if we'd be interested in moving," Grier said, via The Palm Beach Post.

Grier added that while he's open to those types of discussions about moving up and will "keep those options open," the talks that he's been a part of thus far have not been "serious conversations" at this point. 

Really, this sounds like any possible deal wouldn't happen until draft night. If the board doesn't fall to a team's liking, a window may be open for Grier to catapult his way up back into the first round if there is a player he deems worthy still to be had. One thing that may stop them, however, is the lack of ammunition they have to move up. As things stand, the Miami has just four picks in this year's draft: No. 51, No. 84 (third), No. 197 (sixth), and No. 238 (seventh). With those selections in mind, Grier would likely have to dip into future drafts to swing a deal into Day 1 this time around.

It is noteworthy, however, that teams are already reaching out about the possibility of trading down. While Miami may not have the cupboard of picks to make a move of that magnitude, we still may see some trades by teams in the bottom half of the first round, making that section of the draft possibly the most hectic time.