The Jacksonville Jaguars' fears about Nick Foles were confirmed. Nick Foles set out to make sure his team could keep up with Patrick Mahomes in what was shaping up to be an AFC shootout, but suffered a shoulder injury. The Jaguars later confirmed a broken left collarbone. At minimum, it will cost Foles half the 2019 season.

The former Super Bowl MVP showed he still very much has the magic he's been praised so soundly for, stepping up to make a terrific throw under duress that ended up being a 35-yard touchdown to wide receiver D.J. Chark -- who reeled in the rainbow with a nice over-the-shoulder grab. Foles stood tall and took the big hit to make it happen, which cut the Chiefs' lead cut to three points early in the first half.

He'd pay for it, though, and was evaluated by the Jaguars medical staff before being officially ruled out after having X-rays on his shoulder. There was concern Foles may have suffered a fractured collarbone, but it had not been determined prior to the conclusion of a game that ended very poorly for the Jaguars. There is no longer a question surrounding Foles' status, though, with the team confirming the worst possible scenario.

This, at minimum, will cost Foles eight games. A fractured clavicle is typically an eight-week injury, barring any setbacks, and could run longer when factoring in rehab. Until he returns, the Jaguars will rely on rookie sixth-round pick Gardner Mindshew, who didn't play like a late Day 3 pick when he took on the Chiefs. 

Even in the waning minutes of the contest and with the game well out of hand, Minshew continued to battle. He finished the day throwing for 275 yards on 22 for 25 passing, along with his first career NFL touchdown and one interception. He'll now be tasked with carrying the load going forward, but his NFL debut does give the Jaguars at least some semblance of calm as they absorb an 0-1 start, and with the former Super Bowl MVP quarterback down for the foreseeable future.

You can watch the replay, including in condensed and all-22 formats, with NFL Game Pass.  

Still, SportsLine data scientist Stephen Oh says the Jaguars' chances of making the playoffs fell from 21.6% to 6.1% with Minshew, while their chances of winning the AFC South fell from 15.8% to 4.3%.

The Jaguars graded very poorly against the Chiefs, but not because of Minshew. If anything, he kept them from bottoming out.