The Jacksonville Jaguars were hosting the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 1, and it was a game filled with as much beauty as there was terror. In the end, the Chiefs prevailed 40-26.

The Chiefs got off to a blazing start when Patrick Mahomes hit wideout Sammy Watkins for a 68-yard catch and run for a touchdown. He left the game briefly with an apparent ankle injury, but was re-taped and re-entered the game to continue his dominance en route to 313-yard, two touchdown first half that includes a near-perfect passer rating of 152.1. 

Things were much darker for the Jaguars, though, because after witnessing Nick Foles make his Jacksonville debut with a stellar 35-yard TD pass to D.J. Chark, they were then forced to rush him into the X-ray room for evaluation and immediately ruled him out of the game with a shoulder injury. He was later diagnosed with a broken clavicle and should miss significant time. Tyreek Hill suffered a shoulder ailment of his own, and was carted off to the locker room -- not to return to action. 

Things didn't get any better for the Jaguars, even with Hill not returning, and the final grades for both teams reflect it.

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Chiefs: A+

There's not enough you can say about how good Mahomes is. At times, it feels like he's a video game come to life, and he again proved it in how he dismantled what is heralded as one of the more stout defenses in the league when he took on the Jaguars. While Jacksonville did put hands on him more often than Kansas City would like to see, Ramsey and the secondary had nothing for the MVP -- as evidenced in how they were flame-broiled by Mahomes and a career-day-having Watkins.

Even without Tyreek Hill, who was knocked out of the game early with a shoulder injury, Mahomes ruled the day and propelled Watkins to a 198-yard performance on nine catches with three touchdowns. Mahomes ended with 378 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions, with most of his yardage coming in the first half.

Although newly-signed running back LeSean McCoy added to the pile, he didn't break the 70-yard marker, and didn't need to; because in Week 1 it was all about Mahomes and Watkins in a 40-26 dismantling that wasn't nearly as close as the final score would have you believe.

Jaguars: D

As stated, the defense for the Jaguars entered the game with high hopes of shutting down Mahomes, but instead found themselves being mauled by an angry bear. There was a chance to make it a shootout via the magic of Nick Foles, but a beautiful 35-yard touchdown pass that saw him stand tall in the face of an earth-rattling hit cost him the remainder of the contest when he was immediately rushed to the X-ray room and then ruled out of the game. He'd return to the sidelines in a sling, and the game was given to rookie sixth-round pick Gardner Minshew -- who admittedly impressed in a big way with his accuracy and poise -- throwing for 275 yards on 22 for 25 passing along with two touchdowns with one interception.

Speaking of poise, newly-extended linebacker Myles Jack showed none, and his actions got him ejected in the first half.

Even with flashes of second half positivity, it was all too little too late for the Jaguars; in a game where they were simply outclassed by the Chiefs. They'll now get back to the drawing board for Week 2, likely with the rookie at quarterback. If not for Minshew showing poise and wide receiver D.J. Chark -- who tried to will the Jaguars to victory with a career-high 146 yards along with a touchdown -- this grade would surely be lower. 

It's on to the next for two clubs very clearly headed in opposite directions. You can relive all the action from the Chiefs' big win in our live blog below.