The market for Jimmy Garoppolo keeps going up and up if you believe the reports. It’s expected that multiple NFL teams will inquire this offseason about acquiring the Patriots backup quarterback, with the dearth of talent at the position in both free agency and the draft. 

It was previously reported that the Patriots would need a first-round pick in exchange for Garoppolo, but according to a report from Mike Garafolo of NFL Network, the Patriots might now want two first-round picks.

No, really. A first-round pick this year and first-round pick next year is now the going cost for Garoppolo.

“The expectation as of right now is that he won’t be moved by the Patriots. But that could change. Someone could blow Bill Belichick and the Patriots away with an offer,” Garafolo said. “No one really knows quite what that price is, but someone somewhat connected to the situation said it’s probably going to have to be a first-round pick this year and then a first-round pick again next year. Just something to make Belichick think. Now that’s an extremely high price to pay, that is franchise-tag high kind of pricing right there. So no one expects a team is going to be willing to part with that.

“But if it’s a first-round pick this year, say, I don’t know, No. 12 overall. And a little sweetner, not a first-round pick, but something else. Could that start things going? Possibly it could. But as it stands right now, Jimmy Garoppolo is expected to be a Patriot next year.”

Over the last few weeks buzz has been building about the Patriots not trading Garoppolo, with a culmination at the combine involving reports about him not being dealt at all.

Peter King of was asked about a trade on the Dan Patrick Show Tuesday and told Patrick to take Garappolo “off your radar.”

“Garappolo, take him off your radar. He’s not going anywhere,” King said. “No matter what. He’s not going anywhere.”

There are many reasons to believe all the chatter is a lie, just Bill Belichick playing a whole lot of poker and getting everyone to bite on his big bluff. It makes too much sense for the Patriots to deal Garoppolo now, especially if they can get a first-round pick (No. 12) from the Browns

Increasingly, though, there is discussion about the Patriots just holding onto the backup quarterback as insurance for a team that has a 40-year-old quarterback in Tom Brady and a legitimate shot to make another run at the Super Bowl

The Patriots only have Garoppolo for a single additional season on his rookie deal, but that means he’s a cheaper backup option than most other players they could find (either in free agency or even through the draft). They already won a title last year with Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett on the roster. 

And if they want to trade him, they can always wait until next year, hit Garoppolo with the franchise tag and then deal him. The window feels like it’s closing for the Patriots but it’s not quite as tight as it looks. Maybe the Pats end up holding onto him after all.

Or maybe Belichick bluffs someone into giving him a pair of first-round picks instead.