For one reason or another, some teams need to make a quarterback change. Now. No better time than the present.

We already knew that Nick Foles was just a one-game place-holder as the Chiefs starter with Andy Reid showing uber-caution after Alex Smith was knocked around last week. And any conspiracy theorists out there who thought this window was a chance for Foles to give the coaches something to think about haven't seen enough of Foles.

Kansas City nearly messed around and lost this game to the horrible Jags, at home, but Foles got a few short fields and threw 33 times for just 187 yards and the Chiefs survived, 19-14. The Chiefs need to go back to Smith ASAP.

Which brings us to Blake Bortles and the Jags. What a mess.

Consider that when Bortles completed a 1-yard TD pass at the end of the first half, it provided the first points Jacksonville has scored in the first half of an away game all season. The Jags had been outscored 68-0, previously on the road. Let that settle in.

Bortles is a notoriously slow starter, and it has become chronic. He's lucky the Chiefs dropped a bunch of potential interceptions. Firing the former offensive coordinator and letting Bortles bring in his personal QB coach did nothing. Same old stuff -- fall behind by multiple scores, score some points late and lose again. Let him sit and watch a few weeks.

Let Chad Henne try to help you win a football game.

Blake Bortles is the king of garbage time. USATSI

Ryan Fitzpatrick remains dazed and confused for the Jets. He already lost his job once, for cause. It needs to happen again. Let Bryce Petty start. See what he can do. We just might have Sunday if Fitzpatrick didn't re-enter Sunday's game after injury to promptly throw another brutal red-zone pick.

Those crippling mistakes have sucked the life out of the Jets' season, and Fitzpatrick was always going to be gone in 2017 anyway. At 3-6 the Jets need to see what the young quarterbacks on the roster can do. If they want to wait one more week until they reach the bye, OK, I guess. But I'd make the change immediately.

Ryan Fitzpatrick remains a turnover machine for the grounded Jets. USATSI

And you have to wonder whether the Rams brass gets some kind of sick satisfaction over putting inept offensive football on film. It's tragic. At this point it doesn't matter whether Jeff Fisher has his contract extension -- finding excuses to continue playing Case Keenum, while sitting the first overall pick who you traded up to get, isn't going to fly.

No one is buying it.

Case Keenum isn't taking the Rams anywhere. USATSI

Chalk up another half of football in which the Rams couldn't score. They've lost four in a row, the bloom is coming off the rose in Los Angeles, where people will find other things to do and they need an excuse to come out. Play the rookie. Please.