On our Thursday Night Live pregame fantasy show -- you can watch every week right here! -- we had a caller ring in and ask if we thought Richard Sherman would get in "an altercation" on Thursday night. No idea how many points he gets for altercations in his IDP league, but we didn't expect anything NFC Championship Game-level serious out of Sherman.

And we didn't get much of anything, really, except for Sherman -- who wasn't tested a single time in Seattle's 36-16 beatdown win -- going up to Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers after the game.

As The Big Lead notes, Sherman has a question for Rodgers. The Seahawks cornerback has his back turned, but it appears he asked Rodgers a simple question:

"You avoided me didn't you?"

Rodgers had a simpler answer.


At least give Rodgers credit for being honest? The Packers' game plan -- completely different from 2012's approach -- was to throw Jarrett Boykin to the dogs and put him on Sherman's side. The idea is you nullify the defense's best weapon.

The problem is by doing that, you cut the field in half. So in effect the Packers schemed right into the Seahawks' plan.

When the Packers put Jordy Nelson against Sherman in 2012 (primarily, anyway) Nelson was completely washed out. He was productive Thursday, but it's difficult to open up your offense when you limit the quarterback's options to half the field by not throwing at one guy the entire game.

Refusing to test Sherman tells you exactly how the Packers -- and the rest of the NFL -- feel about the Seahawks corner. Rodgers' acknowledgment should tell you even more.