It's been quite the rollercoaster this offseason for the Seattle Seahawks, fueled by a very public proclamation from Russell Wilson that he wanted to be more involved with front office decisions. His wildly unexpected break from his normal adoration of the organization sparked a maelstrom of speculation regarding if he'd still be in a Seahawks uniform this coming season -- his agent going so far as to name four teams he'd waive his no-trade clause to play for. In the end, it was the Chicago Bears as the only team willing to run the race, but the Seahawks weren't impressed with their offers, despite their most recent one being a humdinger that reportedly included three first-round picks, one third-round pick and two starters.

That wasn't the end of it, however, with the Bears still reportedly holding out hope they can pry away Wilson even after signing Andy Dalton and naming him starter for 2021, and amidst the latest headline that has defensive lineman Carlos Dunlap revealing Wilson's promise to stay put in Seattle going forward. How this ultimately ends is anyone's guess, but Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon isn't afraid to venture one.

He believes the differences are irreconcilable at this point.

"I think it's kind of headed, unfortunately, in the same direction [as Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman]," Moon said on the "Huddle & Flow podcast" with Jim Trotter and Steve Wyche, via

Both Lynch and Sherman were vocal about their displeasure with the Seahawks before ultimately being sent on their way.

"I think right now it's almost like a marriage that's started to just have squabbles," Moon added. "And they're squabbling about certain little issues -- whether it's pass protection, whether it's talent. There's all these little squabbles going on right now." 

Moon also believes the no-trade clause simply adds more tension to the situation and, for that reason primarily, the two sides will remain together in 2021, but he views it as a coming swan song, of sorts. 

"I think because of Russell's contract situation, there's not a whole lot the Seahawks can do as far as moving him somewhere else, even if they wanted to," he said. "So, I think he's definitely there this year unless they just want to take a hit and not become a really good football team for a year or so. But I think that the marriage is not going to end very well going down the road. I think this squabble is going to turn into more of a separation and then a divorce at some point. And that usually happens with most players anyway. 

"You just don't like it to happen because of the two sides not getting along."

As it stands, the Seahawks are presumably taking measures to at least try and smooth Wilson's ruffled feathers, evidenced in the trade for and subsequent contract extension on offensive lineman Gabe Jackson, followed by awarding Wilson's favorite target -- All-Pro wide receiver Tyler Lockett -- an extension of his own. Wilson took to social media to convey his excitement upon hearing about Lockett's new deal, and that's good news for Seahawks faithful who are also tying that into what Dunlap unveiled this week. What the team does in the upcoming NFL draft will also say a lot about if they've begun accepting input from Wilson or, at the very least, if they're finally all-in on building a wall of protection in front of him to help extend his NFL career ... and time in Seattle.

Time that Moon believes is running out quickly.