Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard, so maybe he has a super smart explanation for his super bad day. There has to be an explanation, because nobody can be as bad at playing quarterback than Fitzpatrick was on Sunday, when he turned in an all-time awful performance to lead the Jets to a horrific 24-3 loss against the Chiefs.

Fitzpatrick didn't just stink like he's stunk for the vast majority of his lengthy career. He went full FitzTragic in a way that we've never seen before. He threw six (6!) interceptions, including a pick-six. He fumbled once. He averaged 4.3 yards per attempt. He completed 45 percent of his passes. He generated a passer rating of 18.2. He scored negative Fantasy points!

He was simultaneously the Jets' worst and the Chiefs' best player.

Some of his throws actually made it look as if he was a Chiefs' double agent sabotaging the Jets' efforts. Like this one:

And this one:

And this one:

Remember: Those three throws make up only half of Fitzpatrick's interception total. Half. He threw three more.

It was a six-pack sorta day for Fitzpatrick.

Give Fitzpatrick some credit. The dude does what he wants and is persistent in achieving his goals.Fitzpatrick was on a mission and he accomplished that mission. He's a force.

He cannot -- will not -- be stopped.

For a moment, he was the most popular thing in Kansas City.

According to Pro Football Talk's Michael David Smith, Fitzpatrick pieced together the NFL's first six-pick game since 2007. According to ESPN Stats & Info, the Jets' eight giveaways were their most since 1976. According to ESPN, the last Jets quarterback to throw six interceptions in a game was Joe Namath back in 1975. According to ESPN and Pro Football Reference, Fitzpatrick's six-pick performance marked the 40th time -- ever -- a quarterback has thrown at least six interceptions in a single game.

According to anyone with eyes, Fitzpatrick was not a good NFL quarterback on Sunday.

Keep in mind: Fitzpatrick's dreadful day came 10 days after he pieced together the 10th-best passer rating of his career. On Sunday, Fitzpatrick generated the worst passer rating of his career.

And really, that's the best way to sum up Fitzpatrick: Consistently inconsistent.