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In the Seattle Seahawks' Week 4 win over the Detroit Lions, DK Metcalf had fans holding their breath when he was carted off the field. As it turned out, he just needed to use the bathroom, and he recently shared the full story of his unfortunately timed call from nature.

Metcalf joined "Up & Adams" for an interview with Kay Adams, and he said the cart was necessary because there was no shot he was going to be able to walk all the way from the field to the locker room at Ford Field.

"Yes, I was very surprised that me being carted off to go to the bathroom was big news," Metcalf. "If anyone has played in Detroit, they know it is a long ass walk from the locker room to the field, and I was not gonna make that walk. I was not gonna make it."

Metcalf said he informed his position coach of his issue in the middle of a Seahawks drive. By the time he came off the field after a Seattle touchdown, there was a cart waiting for him.

"This is the middle of the drive," Metcalf said. "I come out, and I told my receivers coach, 'Hey, I gotta go to the bathroom.' He said, 'You gotta pee or go No. 2.' I said, 'I gotta go No. 2.' Then it went away for like 10 seconds. I was like, I'll go back in the game. When I was back in the game, the feeling came back up. We ended up scoring two plays later, so I run back to the sideline, and they had a cart ready for me."

Not everyone thought Metcalf needed to go all the way to the locker room to relieve himself. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll suggested that Metcalf do his business somewhere on the sideline.

"Pete wanted me to do it on the sideline," Metcalf said. "I'm like, 'Nah, I got too much respect for myself. I can't do it on the sideline.' So, I hopped on the cart and went to the bathroom. I was actually mic'd up for that game too."

Fortunately for everyone in attendance, Metcalf ignored Carroll's suggestion and opted for a cart ride to the locker room.