It appears that the Raiders' decision to trade Khalil Mack came as a huge surprise to everyone in the team's locker room, at least if we're judging by two of the best players remaining on the roster.

After seeing that Mack had been traded to the Bears on Saturday morning, Bruce Irvin sent out a three-word tweet that probably summed up the shock of everyone in Oakland who was waking up to the trade news. 

Bruce Irvin was definitely shocked to hear about the Khalil Mack trade. Twitter

Since this is a family website, we had to remove the middle word. In fact, that's exactly what Derek Carr did when he apparently learned of the trade.

Raiders rookie PJ Hall also seemed pretty shocked by the trade. 

Even Raiders legends were surprised by the move. 

Of the four, you almost have to feel the most sorry for Irvin, who has definitely gone through a full range of emotions over the past 24 hours. After Aaron Donald signed his record-setting extension with the Rams on Friday, Irvin was clearly hoping to see Mack sign a similar deal with the Raiders. 

Less than 24 hours later, Irvin was tweeting out expletives because the Raiders traded his teammate. Of course, the good news for the Raiders is that it looks like the shock of the Mack trade is already wearing off for Irvin. 

After sending out his profane tweet, the Raiders pass-rusher sent out another tweet, letting everyone know he's ready to move from the shocking news of the trade. 

Irvin, Carr and the Raiders will be opening the season on Sept. 10 against the Rams, which won't be easy. Not only are the Raiders going to have to figure out how to slow down the high-powered Rams offense, but they're going to have to do it without Mack.