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The Cleveland Browns have come to grips with the likelihood that Odell Beckham has played his last snap for the organization. But we're a few days removed from when that became readily apparent on Tuesday and he's still a member of the Browns.

Why don't they just release him?

Well, the simple answer is, then he gets his way. Beckham doesn't want to be in Cleveland anymore with Baker Mayfield, and by allowing himself to become a distraction (I worded that carefully for a reason), he has angled for a release. He'd very likely clear waivers because no contending team has the cap space to bring him on, and no non-contender with the cap space would claim him just to suffer the embarrassment of him declining to play for them. So then he'd be a free agent and be able to choose his next destination in the second half of the season.

We know NFL teams are all about precedent. GM Andrew Berry can't possibly want to let OBJ dictate terms here. Berry has been in consultation with Beckham's representation, and the Browns are trying to figure a way to end this in a way that's beneficial to the team and with the least amount of distractions.

That may not be possible. While Beckham may not have posted the video his father did, he's let it sit out there. He hasn't talked to Mayfield. His camp has let it be known he's willing to practice and play, which would remove the Browns' ability to hit him with a suspension or conduct-detrimental fines. It corners the Browns into releasing him or paying him each week to be inactive.

The Browns were interested in moving Beckham but didn't want to shop him for, well, fear of this exact thing happening. On Tuesday they took calls from teams, including the Saints, but no one wanted to trade for his remaining contract. Plus, I'm sure teams figured he'd be free of Cleveland soon enough and they could get him for much cheaper.

A release would help relieve the Browns of some of the money owed to Beckham, as well as provide a clean slate to the team for the second half of the season. But it could also see Beckham wind up on a team Cleveland is competing against for a playoff spot.

If this gets contentious, the Browns could hold on to Beckham, make him inactive and pay him to stay away. If everyone has a kumbaya, Beckham and the Browns could reach a financial settlement that frees him of Cleveland and allows him to sign elsewhere for the remainder of the season.